Join Us This Sabbath - Youth Day | November 11, 2023


Join us this Sabbath, November 11, 2023, for Youth Day!! We look forward to seeing you in person or online!  We extend a warm welcome to the students and staff of Crawford Adventist Academy (CAA) and the Ottawa Adventist School (OAS) who will present the worship service.
10:00 AM: Interactive and in-person Sabbath School.
(9:45 AM to 10:45AM: Children’s Sabbath School classes take place in-person for all classes. Visit Childrenzville for more details.)
11:00 AM: Divine Service presented by Crawford Adventist Academy and the Ottawa Adventist School. We will journey through the life of Joseph.
The Divine Service will be streamed on the church’s YouTube channel.
The church bulletin can be viewed online at 
Following Divine Service, all are invited to stay and fellowship over lunch in the lower hall, and to participate in the Adventist Youth (A.Y.) program at 5:30 p.m.


This Sabbath, November 11, is the Annual Sacrifice Offering. Please consider giving generously. For more information, visit
While we return to in-person worship, we are still able to return God’s tithes and give offerings online. From, select “Ottawa Adventist Church” or download the AdventistGiving app on your iPhone or Android device. It is both easy and safe. You can also click on the "Giving" menu option from the church’s web site ( From there you can return/give directly via
Stay safe and God bless.
Be blessed

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