Jan 9, 2019 7:00PM

Start the year with a deeper experience.

During Ten Days of Prayer 2019, we will look at how to have a deeper, richer Christian experience. Whether new believers or longtime church members, we all need to have a fresh, daily encounter with Jesus. This series features real-life lessons, Bible promises, and encouraging Spirit of Prophecy quotes to strengthen our daily walk with Christ.

Join us as we join the world church for the 10 Days of Prayer. Please see the schedule below. Meetings held at the Church will run from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Day 1 – W. Jan. 9: "To Know and Believe" (@ Church) –– Elder. Stephen Adubofuor / Prayer Ministry

Day 2 – Th. Jan. 10: "From the Inside Out” (Home) –– Family Worship

Day 3 – Fr. Jan. 11: "The Greatest Battle" (Church) –– Pastor Innocent / Youth

Day 4 – Sabbath, Jan. 12: "The Value of Surrender" (Home) –– Family Worship

Day 5 – Sun, Jan. 13: "The Privilege of Partnership" (Sabbath School Classes)

Day 6 – M, Jan 14: "The Gift of Repentance" (Home) –– Family Worship

Day 7 – T. Jan. 15: "The Glory of the Purpose” (Individually)

Day 8 – W. Jan. 16: "Through the Valleys” (Church) –– Deacons and

Day 9 – Th. Jan. 17: "A Strength Greater than Doubt" (Home) –– Family Worship

Day 10 – Fr. Jan. 18: "Let Go of the Thorns" (Church) –– Pastor Greaves